At Work

Alexander Technique Caroline Sears

Poor posture can cause muscular skeletal problems such as back pain and RSI and are the most common work related health problems in Britain today.
Much of our day is spent at work, you could be; slouching at a laptop, sitting at a desk, bending in an awkward way to look after a patient, standing for hours or hunching over to look at a mobile phone, often causing severe back pain. We all spend a worryingly large part of the day looking at a screen quite often with bad posture, in fact some adults spend more hours of the day using a laptop or mobile than they do sleeping.
A lot of companies have invested in ergonomically designed office chairs, but you could still find you have back pain, neck ache or RSI. The Alexander Technique can teach you to observe how you are sitting in your chair or how you are holding your mobile phone.
Many large corporate companies employ Alexander teachers to help staff learn how to look after themselves and to think about their posture. They are able to reduce problems with back pain/neck and shoulder pain, RSI and reduce stress and worry in the work place. Companies such as: the BBC, The Guardian, the British Film Institute, M&S, the British Library and Google use the technique in their workplace.

For employers it will help reduce staff absenteeism due mostly to back pain, boost morale and generally encourage care and well-being in staff. According to the Office of National Statistics, nearly 10 millions working days a year in the UK are lost as a result of back pain and on average an employee with back pain takes 17 days off to recover from an episode.

“I can’t imagine the company now without Alexander Technique…” Paul Auf der Maur, Head of Production, Victorinox.

At Home

Even when we get home we still look at our computers, phones and TV’s. It’s no wonder we have an epidemic of bad backs. With Alexander lessons in my posture clinic, I can help you use your technology in a better, more thoughtful way, where you notice what you are doing with your head, neck and back. Whether you are cleaning your teeth; bending to pick up a child or washing up, the technique can help you to do that action in an easier, more fluid way. Being able to move and breathe better can give you more energy and reduce that exhausted feeling you get at the end of a day.

 97% of people with back pain could benefit by  learning the Alexander Technique – it is only a very small minority of back pain sufferers that require medical intervention such as surgery.” Jack Stern, spinal neurosurgeon.

Tips on how to use your mobile phone.

Alexander Technique Caroline Sears