‘Are you sitting comfortably?’ back pain, posture – Lunchtime Talks

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Mainyard Studios Hackney Wick
Mainyard Studios Hackney Wick

I can come to your office and give a short presentation on posture and back pain. My presentation is specifically designed for laptop, mobile phone and computer users, but I also cover how you can use the technique in everyday life,  chopping vegetables, yoga, running and loading the dishwasher!

We look at better postural habits and breathing techniques. This can help reduce work stress, induced by long hours trying to meet deadlines. It can increase productivity, help you feel more confident and focused with clearer, more constructive thinking and improved decision making.

The Alexander Technique teaches you how to notice damaging postural habits and helps prevent problems that occur due to repetition of those habits.

Introduce wellbeing into your office, looking after you and your staff.

Victorinox the Swiss Army knife manufacturer brought the Alexander Technique into their workplace in 2002, employing 4 Alexander teachers,  and absenteeism from sickness and workplace injuries reduced by 30% within 5 years which they directly attribute to the Alexander Technique.

Is it possible to look at your phone/laptop without bringing your head out of balance? The answer is yes. Mobile phones, laptops and screen based technology are here to stay and are fantastic, but we need to learn how to use them so that they don’t damage us either physically or mentally.

The Alexander Technique can help you if :

You are concerned about bad posture.

You have frequent back pain or stiff neck and shoulders.

You suffer from repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome.

You become uncomfortable when sitting at your computer for long periods of time.

I am also a DSE (Display Screen Equipment) Assessor – Chartered Institute of Ergonomics & Human Factors.

See DES Workstation Assessment  for more details

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“Caroline’s explanation and delivery of the Alexander Technique was both interesting and engaging. Originally, I had very little knowledge of the technique, but after the presentation I felt I understood the key principles and how it could benefit us in our lives. The presentation included a hands-on element which I thoroughly enjoyed and Caroline encouraged us to participate in some small movements to see how we felt when we applied them. It made me realise that AT is something that we could all consciously embed into our daily routine.
I definitely feel I have a new awareness of my body and how I could consciously look after my health.
Thank you Caroline!”
Jax Turner Membership Assistant Work.Life London Fields
“When Caroline offered a session to our co-working space I was really pleased and I sent out the invitation to our members. Thinking only around 5 to 8 would respond (our normal number of participants) I was really thrilled to see that nearly 20 people joined in with the session. That to me is a clear indicator that posture is a big concern of our members who do a lot of work at desks. Caroline was a joy to have in, she was professional & pleasant at all times. The event was a highlight in that months calendar”
Richard Stott, Community Manager at Main Yard Studios

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