About Me

I became interested in Alexander Technique when I began to have painful hip joints.  A friend recommended  Alexander Technique.  After a few months of lessons the pain in my hips had largely disappeared. I felt better in myself, a little calmer, more confident and able to cope with the day-to-day busy life I was leading with work and 3 children.

I have spent much of my life involved in Dance and movement, studying at Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance, going on to teach dance and practice yoga.

I also trained as an Interior Designer designing offices for large corporate companies.  Hence, I have a great interest in how we use our bodies in a work environment, with a screen or a mobile phone and how we use our bodies in activity, day to day. I have become very keen on the idea of ‘posture’ and alignment and in my ‘posture clinic’ I look at ways of helping to change bad postural habits.

Since training,  I have worked with individuals at home where I have my practice and I do lunchtime presentations to people working in offices. Also with performers, assisting at the Royal College of Music, Associated Studios, Italia Conte and The London School of Musical Theatre.


I couldn’t recommend Caroline more highly. I knew nothing about Alexander technique when I went to see her, but just wanted to improve my awful posture. To my surprise the lessons improved not just my posture but my whole approach and mindset. Caroline is also amazingly calm and kind — and extremely patient. I will definitely be going back to her in the future.

Mary Wak 

I had 6 sessions of Alexander Technique (AT) with Caroline in late 2023. It was my first time learning AT and Caroline was an incredible teacher – very knowledgeable, warm, and adapted the sessions to the things I particularly struggle with. I came away from the sessions equipped with much more awareness of how I move my body and various techniques to help move with more ease and intention. I would highly recommend working with Caroline!

Annabel V 

I took a package of six sessions with Caroline recently. I had tried AT with another tutor before but after working with Caroline I realised what a big difference it makes to know how to communicate these seemingly simple techniques properly. Caroline is very good at it and she is also so much fun to work with. I am looking forward to going back soon!

Yasmina Arbabi Architect

Something I’ve noticed in society is that people seem to think that to be healthy you need to run miles every day and eat nothing but kale, but alexander technique is different because rather than feeling horrible it feels like you’re doing yourself good at the time, and Caroline couldn’t be better at teaching this. She has such a gentle manner and always leaves you feeling so calm and energised 🙂

Mimi Solo Student

Fantastic tutor, great to work with, full of energy and delight. I always leave each session feeling more confident and stress/tension-free!

Juliet Lewis Musician

I have recently completed 6 one-to-one sessions learning Alexander Technique with Caroline Sears. She took the time to focus on and tailor the sessions to my needs, but also helped me to recognise and work on everyday habits that affect my posture.
She has a calming, reassuring and positive influence.
My shoulder pains have improved hugely.
Thank you Caroline.

Tina Sharp

I’ve recently completed 6 weeks of learning the Alexander Technique from Caroline. She takes a really targeted and thoughtful approach which is a breath of fresh air, and made me feel at ease during the sessions. I’ve learnt a lot of really useful tips for day to day use and found my chronic back ache is improving all the time. I would 100% recommend Caroline!

Ajali Jingree

Insightful, interesting and thoughtful tuition on Alexander technique is helping me to relearn standing, sitting and moving and undo the long term discomfort I’ve been experiencing in my back. Caroline is warm and made me feel comfortable very quickly. I’ve learnt a lot so far and thoroughly recommend her approach.

Louise Workman-Dent 

I took her 6 series program mainly to focus on my breathing and movement in relation to acting and performance, and this I believe really helped me. The massive bonus is that Ive always had a very sore shoulder and this has now almost completely gone and my posture is so much better!xxx

Hersha Verity Actor

I was suffering from almost continuous chronic back ache and overall stiffness which was particularly affecting my mobility, sleep, mood and posture. Every morning I would arise with leg pains which meant descending the stairs was a slow process. Being in my early 50s I was determined I wasn’t ready for retirement or slowing down, but it meant I wasn’t as agile, relaxed or active as I had been used to. Despite this discomfort, I was still unsure about Alexander Technique when I first contacted Caroline. It was something I’d heard about, but I wasn’t sure what it really involved.

On my first consultation, Caroline made sure I was comfortable, relaxed and she went through the treatment in clear and informative detail. I was quickly reassured that I was in safe hands. It was an eye opener and I really wish I had consulted her much sooner. Since my consultations I have changed my posture, breathing and taken Caroline’s advice, and I can hardly believe how much better I now feel. No more back ache, better sleep and I’m a lot more active. It’s meant that I can walk without pain, go swimming and regularly ride my prized mountain bike again. I feel so much better and happier all round. I’d wholeheartedly recommend Caroline for her gentle approach, detailed knowledge and invaluable help which has made my life so much better.
Simon, Career Consultant

I have fibromyalgia, cause still unknown, and have become increasingly limited with what I can do. I have been seeing Caroline weekly in person for some months. She can’t cure my illness, but my symptoms have radically reduced. I’m almost 2 inches taller and no longer have a hump on my back.

I’m happy to say that even though on-line classes were new to both of us, we’ve been doing them successfully since the lockdown began. I was initially surprised at how with just a camera she can still make nuanced observations of me and teach even the most minor corrections. This is working so well that I hear her calm directions in my head in between classes.

Caroline is good at building working relationships. I have total confidence that her ability to deliver Alexander lessons on-line is not dependent on a pre-existent person to person relationship. I’d encourage anyone to take a look at her YouTube instruction films to get a flavour of her patient, non-judgemental way of being as well as her knowledge, passion and belief in her subject. I’ve brought 6 of Caroline’s on-line Alexander lessons for my niece in the USA and I know how well this will work.
Janet, London

I was having growing issues around my posture – getting increasingly tight shoulders, neck and hamstrings, and weak lower back. Caroline used the initial six sessions to help open all that up – explaining the anatomy in a simple and often fascinating way, using helpful videos and work sheets, and over time with a combination of exercises and thought awareness has given me a much better understanding of my body, and made significant improvements to my posture – tailoring the sessions to my work (either hunched over a desk or filming with a heavy camera on the shoulder)and daily routine, including cycling. It’s a wonderful combination of practical and mental work that stays with you, and designed for you to take on beyond the course. I really looked forward the sessions each week, and I highly recommend Caroline as an expert practitioner
Charlie, 34, TV producer

My Alexander lessons with Caroline over six weeks really gave me my confidence back. I’d been struggling with neck, back and shoulder problems to the point I was scared to sit at my desk, and her approach was kind, practical and down to earth. She makes it easy to incorporate thoughts and techniques into daily life that have a transformative effect, and each time I left one of her sessions I felt like a new being. Not only can I sit at my desk but I’m confident now that I can sit just about anywhere. I’m looking forward to taking this further and wholeheartedly recommend Caroline’s approach.
Emma Styles, Vet and Writer

Due to circumstances of time and budget I decided to go for Caroline’s six-week course, thinking that it would at least supply me with the basics to move forward on my own. The truth is, my time with Caroline has given me so much more. Echoing Juliette Tuke’s testimony above, the course has completely transformed the way I move and think about my posture and I too have incorporated the six-week course into my daily life. I would recommend this course to anyone who looks at photographs of themselves and cringes at their horrible posture – a tendency we are often unaware of or, worse still, doubt that we would ever be able to change. The truth is, we can! And with Caroline at the helm, you’ll actually enjoy it too.
Carmel, 29, student

I gained so much from these sessions with Caroline. She is highly skilled and knowledgeable in this area. However, what is amazing about Caroline, is her ability to understand you. Helping you adapt things specficially to you, that fit your lifestyle and help you overcome your own personal barriers to adopting better posture. Not only has my posture improved, I have less pain, feel more mindful of my movements and am aware of what I need to do to manage best. Not only is she a hugely skilled practitioner but she is simply such a lovely warm and caring person, a joy to be treated by. I look forward to continuing to work with her in the future.
Heather McKee, Behaviour Change Specialist

“As a Massage Practitioner for 20 years I knew the importance of listening to my body but it was only with the introduction of the Alexander Technique by Caroline that I finally learnt to relax properly! I am finding the Alexander Technique a very helpful way to change my poor posture habits and Caroline’s teaching is very gentle and informative. After the initial 6 week course I have signed up for another 6 sessions to help embed the Technique into my everyday living. Caroline is very knowledgable about the Alexander Technique and is friendly and encouraging in sharing her expertise.”
Jane Franklin
Voyager with the Community of Aidan and Hilda.
Spiritual Director and Retreat Leader

I am coming to the end of a 6 session course of the Alexander Technique with Caroline, which I am enjoying and reaping the benefits. I tend to tense up in my shoulders, hunch my back at work and end up with a painful back and bad posture. Caroline has taught me some good relaxation and balancing that has already helped me a lot.
Miriam Post, Midwife

Caroline’s explanation and delivery of the Alexander Technique was interesting and engaging. Originally, I had very little knowledge of the technique, but after the presentation I felt I understood the key principles and how it could benefit us in our lives. The presentation included a hands-on element which I thoroughly enjoyed and Caroline encouraged us to participate in some small movements to see how we felt when we applied them. It made me realise that AT is something that we could all consciously embed into our daily routine. I definitely feel I have a new awareness of my body and how I could consciously look after my health.Thank you Caroline!
Jax Turner, Membership Assistant, Work.Life

“When Caroline offered a session to our co-working space I was really pleased and I sent out the invitation to our members. Thinking only around 5 to 8 would respond (our normal number of participants) I was really thrilled to see that nearly 20 people joined in with the session. That to me is a clear indicator that posture is a big concern of our members who do a lot of work at desks. Caroline was a joy to have in, she was professional & pleasent at all times. The event was a highlight in that months calendar”
Richard Stott, Community Manager at Main Yard Studios

I love the weekly sessions with Caroline, which are both relaxing and enlightening. The Alexander technique, and Caroline’s approach to it, offers a gentle but powerful recallibration of body (and mind) back to its natural disposition and promotes an ease of being and moving. I can highly recommend it.
Pia Östlund, Designer & Printmaker 

Whether something works or not is very dependent on the teaching, to inspire confidence as well as to significantly improve behaviours. Caroline’s teaching is first rate. Over two courses I’ve – I think – begun to improve my posture. I’ve certainly begun to take more seriously the link between the way I stand – and even more so, sit – and the pain I’ve carried in my lower back and hamstrings for so long. It’s not a quick fix but Caroline is intuitive as well as methodical in how to get though entrenched behaviour. I’ll sign up for a third course soon enough – which is high recommendation!
Charles Rice, School Improvement Partner 

Caroline’s fun! I knew nothing of Alexander Technique and started with no specific goal in mind. I loved the ‘lessons’ – they’re curious and engaging and more about discovery than instruction. I learned a detached self-awareness about how my body was moving in space whether I was sitting, walking, driving or just standing. Awareness leads to change and it all gets a bit Zen if that’s your thing. Or not: it can be really practical around avoiding pain and improving energy. Six sessions is a great format: I’ve got lots of new ideas to play with and can always go back for more later. If you’re not sure, give it a whirl!
Michael Croton, Writer and Strategist 

After many years leaning over my desk at work and using my laptop in bed, on couches and on planes, my body felt hunched and stiff. I had had a series of crooked necks and back pain, I knew I needed to do something. I found Caroline and her Alexander Technique practice through a search online and went in for a consultation. Caroline has been helping me rethink the habits of a lifetime and given me a tool set to improve the way I move. She’s helped raise my awareness of posture and helped me rediscover how my body should naturally hold its own weight without stress. The impact has been tremendous.
Gregor Timlin, Design Director 

I had heard of the Alexander Technique in connection with theatre practice, and it had long been on my list of things to try, so I was pleased to find a practitioner in my area. Caroline provides a very cosy and welcoming space to learn the Alexander Technique, and I found myself immediately noticing differences in my posture. While my posture isn’t perfect (yet) Caroline has helped me iron out some of my bad habits and slouchy ways, and I can see an improvement in everyday activities. I signed up for the 6 week introductory course and would highly recommend it to anyone interested in engaging with themselves and their environment, and I will definitely be returning for further classes.
Rory O’Connor, Accounts Manager 

I’d arrived from another appointment rather hurriedly (relatively speaking, for me). After taking a brief history, Caroline asked me to stand up. I did; as straight as I could – on parade. I soon began to feel the light touch of expert hands adjusting the angle of my hips, my spine and my neck – straightening me up by inches more. Here was my first lesson in postural tension. I was amazed at how much my rushed arrival was being expressed in my body – knees locked, teeth clenched, shoulders hunched. As Caroline gently coaxed my posture into a more relaxed, natural shape, I felt the tension leaving my system. I doubt whether relaxation is carried in the blood-stream, but that’s what it felt like, my body literally ‘flooding’ with release. Over the weeks I learned less bodily stressful ways of moving – how to stand, how to bend, how to pick things up, how to sit at my computer to write.Caroline warned that I shouldn’t make constant demands on myself to be perfect – this would most likely lead to more anxious tension from perceived ‘failure’. Rather I should think of finding ‘Alexander moments’ – moments during the day when a postural adjustment could be purposely inserted. Slowly but repetitively, I could unlearn bad habits and ingrain better ones.
Leslie Mapp, Retired Teacher 

I did Caroline’s Alexander Technique six week course. The Alexander Technique is something that I had always wanted to do but the price was prohibitive. Caroline’s lesson were within my budget. The course has transformed the way I move and think about my posture. I have embedded the six-week course into my daily life. I would recommend the course to anyone. It is very insightful and the knowledge that I acquired I will use for the rest of my life. I wish I had done it earlier. In our daily lives, it is the mind that seems to take predominance, the Alexander Technique was a chance to engage both the mind and body in a way of moving.
Juliette Tuke, Art Teacher 

Having suffered from back pain for a number of years and having tried a variety of treatments with Osteopaths and Physiotherapists without success, I turned to Caroline to try the Alexander Technique through some recommendations of friends. Through her clear and considered tutoring I have gained a huge awareness of the way I hold and move my body which has allowed my back pain to improve dramatically. I look forward to my weekly sessions with Caroline enormously, not only for the continued improvement I notice in my posture, but also for the feeling of calm and release I carry forwards into the day.
Caspar Leopard, Musician

I wanted to try Alexander technique because I work in a profession where I sit all day and had back pain due to poor posture. I was sceptical at first, but have been gradually converted to a belief in the benefits of Alexander Technique from both a physical and emotional perspective. My hour with Caroline each week has provided me with a space to re-engage with my body and myself. It has empowered me to feel that I have some choice about how I manage each day physically. Caroline is professional in her approach and her relaxed and informative way of managing the sessions feels containing and empowering. She provides a space that is safe and stress free and you feel you are getting a very personal treatment. I have no hesitation in recommending Caroline. She feels like a teacher with many years of experience.
Mary Cronin, Counselling/Psychotherapy

I have come to rely on my Alexander Technique sessions with Caroline as a way of trying to change bad habits, improve my overall posture, and be more in tune with my body. It’s a moment to relax, breathe and spend some time focusing on me. Caroline is brilliant at honing in on the small things that can make a big difference to every day life.
Tamsin Blanchard, Journalist 


“The Alexander Technique transformed my life. it is the result of an acknowledged genius. I would recommend it to anyone.” Tony Buzan, author of Use Your Head 
The Evolving Brain.

“The technique doesn’t teach you something new to do. It teaches you how to bring more practical intelligence into what you are already doing; how to eliminate stereotyped responses; how to deal with habit and change. It leaves you free to choose your own goal but gives you a better use of yourself while you work towards it”.  Professor F. P. Jones.

“We already notice, with growing amazement, very striking improvements in such diverse things as high blood pressure, breathing, depth of sleep, overall cheerfulness and mental alertness, resilience against outside pressures, and in such a refined skill as playing a musical instrument”.  Professor Nicholas Tinbergen, Nobel Prize winner for medicine and physiology.

Alexander Technique Caroline Sears