DSE (Display Screen Equipment) – Work Station Assessments

I am a trained Display Screen Equipment (Health and Safety Executive) assessor.

I can come to your home or office and complete a full assessment of your workstation and how you use it.

Using my Alexander Technique training and my DSE training, I can provide you with the best possible working environment.

Looking at your equipment, layout, your postural habits and how you use your chair whilst working at your desk.

The Technique can alleviate pain and discomfort induced by a bad workstation layout or bad postural habits.

It can reduce the number of work days lost, due to back pain, RSI, stress, headaches and other work related illness, whether you work for yourself or if you employ staff. It will help you feel more confident and focused.

With my background in office design,  I have a good understanding of the office environment and can help with assessing your workstation  and how you use it.

Introduce wellbeing into your office, looking after yourself and your staff.