Online Alexander Technique Lessons

You may think this is not the ideal way to learn the technique, however there can be advantages to online lessons:

  • You can have your lesson in the comfort of your own home or home office.
  • You can use the screen like a mirror to look at your own movements and habits.
  • You are unable to rely on hands-on work to give you a sense of what is going on in your body, so you start to build your own self awareness.
  • I can give guidance to help with your own observations.
  • I can give advise, regarding the use of your own lap top/computer and chair. 
  • To book a lesson email me via the contact page.


I have fibromyalgia, cause still unknown, and have become increasingly limited with what I can do.

I’m happy to say that even though on-line classes were new to both of us, we’ve been doing them successfully since the lockdown began. I was initially surprised at how with just a camera Caroline can still make nuanced observations of me and teach even the most minor corrections. This is working so well that I hear her calm directions in my head in between classes.

Caroline is good at building working relationships. I have total confidence that her ability to deliver Alexander lessons on-line is not dependent on a pre-existent person to person relationship. I’d encourage anyone to take a look at her YouTube instruction films to get a flavour of her patient, non-judgemental way of being as well as her knowledge, passion and belief in her subject. I’ve bought 6 of Caroline’s on-line Alexander lessons for my niece in the USA and I know how well this will work.

Janet, London

YouTube clip on a 20 min guided talk through semi supine constructive rest:

Alexander Technique Caroline Sears